David Mason - Interview - Paddling History &

David Mason tells the story of how he started paddling - and his lifelong passion for the sport.

In The Beginning - Ocoee River 1977 & Edited in 2018 by Gary Harper

A fun look at early whitewater rafting, kayaking and open canoeing on the middle Ocoee River in Southeast Tennessee. Plus how some of the rapids got their names.

Mark Singleton, Transformative Leader of American Whitewater

American Whitewater has helped the paddling community achieve remarkable things on the fronts of conservation, access, safety, and stewardship. Mark Singleton's leadership as executive director over the last eighteen years is a key reason . . .

"The Call of the River" Documentary

Awesome "Call of the River" documentary by Kent Ford. This contains some of the best historical and in-depth interview footage available!.

Bob Benner Historic Video

Old Archival Footage from Bob Benner’s Camera of Intercollegiate Canoe Races and Other River Trips.

Kent Ford Interview

Whitewater historian and talented paddler/instructor Kent Ford is interviewed here by Marc Hunt. They discuss Kent’s own story and the evolution of slalom racing and whitewater instruction.

David Brown Interview

David Brown tells us the story of how he helped save paddling on the Ocoee River, conducted by Marc Hunt.

Joe Pulliam Interview

Joe Pulliam sits for an indepth interview, conducted by Marc Hunt.

Slim Ray Interview

An interview with paddling legend Slim Ray, conducted by Marc Hunt.

Bob and Joyce Lantz Interview

An indepth discussion of the history and development of Blue Hole Canoes and how Bob revolutionized the canoe industry with the advent of Royalex.

Sam Fowlkes

Sam recounts how he started paddling with a focus on the development of river rescue.

Robert Dye

Robert tells the story of his involvement with the early days of paddling development at the NOC and the Greenlandic roots of kayaking.

Will Leverette

Will tells the story of the earliest years of canoeing in the southern Appalachians.

Bob and Dave Benner

Bob and Dave reflect back on their early days of canoeing in the Carolinas.

John Grace

An interview with John Grace, featuring some great action shots of John in the wild.

Fritz Orr - The Art of Making Wooden Paddles

An Around Carolina documentary on Fritz Orr.

A Unique Paddler

A tribute to Vladimir Vanha.

Legendary Paddling Career

An interesting biography of Kent Ford.

Fritz Orr Complete Interview

Learn more about the life and work of the paddle crafter.

The Important Places

A heartfelt tribute to Doug Woodward by his son Forest.

Greenlandic Kayak History

Part two of an interview with Robert Dye, as he discusses the historical origins of how modern day kayaking evolved from the Inuit culture.

Payson Kennedy Interview

Payson discusses how he became interested in paddling, and the early days of the Nantahala Outdoor Center.

Bunny Johns Interview

A very interesting interview with paddling legend Bunny Johns as she tells the story of her start at Camp Merrie-Woode in 1959, and the first descent of Section 4 of the Chattooga.

Doug Woodward Interview

A fascinating interview with a paddling legend who, among many accomplishments, paddled the Grand Canyon in 1970 with his Explorer Scouts.

Bunny Johns Induction

Watch Bunny Johns IWHOF Induction: Introduction Speech - Payson Kennedy and Acceptance Speech

Aurelia Kennedy Interview

An Interview with Aurelia Kennedy (text only)

A Tribute to Hugh Caldwell

Doug Cameron tells the story of Hugh Caldwell, Jr., one of the early paddling pioneers of our region. Presented at the Southern Appalachian Paddlesports Museum at Black Dome Mountain Sports in Asheville, NC.

Paddling Pioneer - Doug Woodward

Doug Woodward tells the story of his family and their explorations of paddling in North America. Presented at the Southern Appalachian Paddlesports Museum at Black Dome Mountain Sports in Asheville, NC.

Jim Greiner Family Interview

A fascinating account of the development of Wildwater Ltd. by the Jim Greiner Family at their home in Asheville, NC. Recorded December 21, 2019.

Les Bechdel Interview

An interview of Les Bechdel by Marc Hunt in the Grand Canyon in November, 2019.

Rio Bio Bio - 1985 - 1996

Early photos and video of my time kayaking, rafting and leading trips on the Rio Bio Bio in Chile. Included are photos from my first trip in 1985 and video from later years until dam construction in 1995. At one time, the Bio Bio was worlds most famous expedition rafting destination. Now, most of it most famous rapids and canyons lay underneath hundreds of feet of water due to 2 dams.

The Wild President - Jimmy Carter

President Jimmy Carter grew up in awe of nature's wonder. But it wasn't until he first paddled the Chattooga River that he understood the power and majesty of a wild, free-flowing stream. The Wild President tells the story of Carter's pioneering tandem-canoe descent of Bull Sluice Rapid and how the experience transformed his life and politics. In 1974, Carter successfully pushed to designate 57 miles of the Chattooga as Wild & Scenic, permanently protecting it from development and dams.

Ken Kastorff Interview

Interview with pioneering legend Ken Kastorff, owner of Endless River Adventures on the Nantahala River and pioneer of Equadorian river adventures.

Jimmy Holcomb Interview - Paddling Pioneer

An interview with paddling legend Jimmy Holcombe, recounting how he got started paddling and tales of first descents.